Our best wines come to you from the heritage and tradition, and work of generations by the people of our wineries and our villages in the heart of Spain – la Mancha region – which is the ideal ground for the wine growing and making! The climate and the terroir have the characteristics that allow each grape to receive the optimum amount of sun and at the same time the taste that combines the vine plants growing in the rich soil for decades. As in words of wise Galileo Galilei: “wine is sunlight held together by water”, as well as, of course, the continuous efforts, knowledge and character of the people that produce and bring the best of the wines to your table.

Tierra Imperial wines are made to be liked by all passionate wine lovers. Our wish is to bring out the variety of grapes and tastes, so that anyone can find wine for the ocasion: from the pure varietals to the sophisticated oak aged reds. The full satisfaction is the goal! It’s our passion.

Verduguez wineries work with the utmost care and control in all of the steps of wine making processes. The Quality System controls, the many awards at the international wine tasting competitions, and above all – any and all satisfied customers are our guarantee for the quality.